Terms and Conditions  –  FSM reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without notice and for them to be in effect immediately

Medical – Flight Simulators Midlands accepts bookings on the understanding that participants, whether as pilots or observers, are healthy and are not liable to conditions such as heart problems, epilepsy or any others that are likely to be exacerbated by or induced by excitement. All participants take part at their own risk. Please inform us of any photo light sensitivity condition or any other medical issues that you feel may be relevant. Pacemakers etc. are perfectly OK. If you suffer from colour blindness, you can still fly the simulator although some instruments may be more difficult to read.

Wheel Chair Access  –  Our Boeing 747 is accessible to wheelchairs either as a pilot or observer. To act as pilot, you must be able to transfer from your chair into the actual pilots seat. If this is not feasible, then the Captains’ seat has to removed which takes time so flying from a wheelchair is usually done on the same day as others. We cannot guarantee access of a wheelchair to the pilots position due to size and height. Please inform us beforehand of any mobility issues so we can ensure we have made arrangements for you. Unfortunately due to steep stair access the Boeing 737 and Airbus are not suitable for wheelchairs.  

Pilot Age Restrictions  –  Normal minimum age to fly the simulators is 12. (10 for childrens party groups) We will, accept younger (10 minimum) providing they are a minimum of 5′ tall (or booster seat) and have experience of flying Microsoft Simulator 2004 / FSX or similar.

Observers age Restrictions  –  Normal minimum age for observing is 10 but anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a separate adult, not the pilot, who is responsible for their behaviour in the simulator. The instructor has the right to refuse entry to, or eject from, the simulators, anyone whom he feels is not suitable for the event or for any other reason. Refunds will not be available under these circumstances. Please note there is a £10 charge per session for all observers.

Cancellations / Re-booking  –  FSM operate a 7 day cancellation policy. No re-bookings or refunds are allowed within this time period unless you have purchased a cancellation waiver (currently £10) when you originally book your slot time. Cancellations using the waiver are re-bookable, not refundable, providing you have contacted us a minimum of 1 hour prior to the detail. A no show, with or without the waiver is not re-bookable or refundable. Should you need to move or cancel your booking outside the 7 day window, a £10 administration fee is payable. A cooling off period of 14 days is applicable to all web site bookings from this site. Cancellations are subject to a minimum cancellation fee of £25 up to 3 months prior to the expiry date. Cancellations 3 to 2 months prior to expiry date are charged at 50% of the total cost. Cancellations 2 to 1 month prior to expiry date are charged at 75%. No refund is due on bookings that are within 1 month of expiry date. Bookings may be cancelled or moved within 14 days of making the booking unless within the normal 7 day cancellation period and are subject to the £10 administration charges as detailed above. On occasions, due to unserviceability or maintenance of the simulator, we may need to move your booking to an alternative time and/or date or to a different simulator at our discretion. In this case there is no administrative charge payable. We will give you as much notice of any change as we can but it must be understood that unserviceability of complex machines can occur without warning. – Just like real aeroplanes! In these circumstances we, we reserve the right to move you to an alternative simulator. If you refuse this then no refund or re-booking is due. No out of pocket expenses are payable in these circumstances.

Time Slots  –  It is difficult to always get bookings to dovetail to each other, so on the odd occasion, we may have to move your detail, usually by no more than 30 minutes to get maximum utilisation from the simulators. We will email you notification of any such changes as early as possible. Should that time be inconvenient, please telephone us as soon as possible.

FSM vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. If you hold an out of date voucher issued by ourselves (FSM), this can be revalidated at a charge of £25 for a flight taken within 28 days of the original end of validity date and £50 outside the 28 day period up to 3 months. Over 3 months the voucher its totally void but we will offer you 50% of a new booking. No revalidations are allowed on any voucher more than 3 months after the expiry date.

Discount Company Vouchers – If you hold a half hour discount voucher from one of the discount voucher companies which is out of date but within 28 days of the validity date, you can also re-validate this by upgrading to an hours flight. In this case the £25 re-validation charge is waived. On occasions if you have left booking late there may not be any suitable slots available to you. In this event, the charges above apply. Validation outside the 28 days is at our discretion but a £50 minimum charge will always apply.

Guest Behaviour  –  We sincerely hope you will enjoy your experience with us. We try to offer a realistic viewpoint of a professional pilots work and we reserve the right to cancel any session where the instructor is unhappy with the attitude and behaviour  of the guests with no refund due.


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