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I have helped many people over the years with my Fear of Flying courses. From just a bit nervous to the downright terrified, I have been privileged to assist them in overcoming their fears and it is immensely rewarding when guests come back to me to tell me that they can’t believe they have just flown without the Temazipan or the triple G&T.

I often tell people that I cannot cure them but what I can do is give them the tools to cure themselves, which is the best solution as it can be used time and time again. It’s a bit like giving up smoking, only the individual can conquer the issue.

Courses are usually on a Sunday from 0915 to approximately 1600. The course consists of several different modules, looking at Psychology, technical, security, maintenance and anything else you want to talk about. I only work with small groups, so it’s a very personal experience. There is also a quick flight in one of the flight simulators. Extra time in one of the flight simulators is available should anyone want to do a full flight simulator session.

Courses cost £150 and includes lunch and soft refreshments. If you want to talk it through, please give me a ring. – 08454 747 737

Captain Chris Rigby


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