Boeing 747 (JUMBO) Simulator Experience


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For the ultimate boys toys experience, try our Boeing 747 simulator. This REAL simulator was owned originally by Aer Lingus and usd to train their Boeing 747 pilots. This beautiful Queen of the Skies can fly you anywhere in the world. The visual graphics are generated by the latest software from the USA and displayed using 3 blended projectors to give you a wide screen experience. Fly over the streets of Hong Kong and watch the cars moving down the streets – not that you will have time to look!!!

All experiences consists of 30 minutes briefing follwed by whatever time you have booked in the simulator. So the 90 minute experience is 30 minutes briefing followed by 60 minutes flying. You can choose where to fly from and your instructor will show you how to take-off, fly and land this amazing real simulator. This voucher also covers the MOTION B737 and Airbus A320 simulators.

Although not a motion simulator, we use vibration motors to simulate the motion on this aircraft which together with the sensational visuals will make you think you are really flying. Just see the testimonials on Trip Advisor.

The prices shown are for weekday flights. Saturdays are available at an extra £25. Up to 3 observers can be accomodated for a small charge of £10 / head which you can pay for on the day. Please note observers under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a separate adult, not the pilot. Min age to fly is 12 and 5′ tall. No upper age limit.

Gift vouchers are available and are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. This voucher is interchangeable with the motion 737 & A320 options. Vouchers are emailed to you but if you would like a voucher posted to you, please add the option at £2.50.

Additional information

Weekday Experience Time (Includes 30 Minute Briefing)

60 Minutes (£125), 90 Minutes (£199), 120 Minutes (£249), 150 Minutes (£299), 210 Minutes (£399)

Include Saturday? +£25

Yes, No

Add a posted Gift Voucher? (+£2.50)

Yes, No


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