Meet The Team

  • Captain Chris Rigby
    Captain Chris Rigby Chief Pilot and Owner

    Hello and welcome to Flight Simulators Midlands. My name is Captain Chris Rigby and I was fortunate enough to be trained by BOAC at the College of Air Training Hamble back in 1970. Since graduating I have worked for BOAC, Britannia (Thomsons) easyJet, British Airways and lastly Ryanair. After I retired from full time flying, I decided to set up this simulator business at Coventry Airport. Here we are 5 years later with 3 real simulators in which we can show you what it is like to fly one of the aircraft you will have been in yourself. I look forward to meeting you.

  • Captain Dave Warner
    Captain Dave Warner Chief Instructor

    Dave has been with us from the start 5 years ago. He retired from BMI Baby with 20,000 flight hours, mainly on the 737. Dave handles most of our Airline Assessment days, specialising in giving the trainees very similar scenarios to that which they will experience in their interviews. Dave regularly gets 5 star revews on Trip Advisor and you will be delighted if you have Dave as your instructor on the day.

  • Captain ‘Pablo’ Mason
    Captain ‘Pablo’ Mason Chief Pilot and Owner

    Pablo is one of the great characters of aviation. He fought in the Falklands and in Iraq. Finally working for Thomas Cook he was dismissed for allowing Robbie Savage into the flight deck post September the 11th. Thomas Cook’s loss is our gain and he now mainly flies the 747 on Saturdays. So if you want to fly with Pablo, you know when to book.

  • Captain Julian Greenwood
    Captain Julian Greenwood

    Julian was a training captain on the B747-400 for Virgin Airways before retiring 5 years ago. Julian comes to us about four times a month and is one of the ‘gentlemen’of the flying world. You’ll have a great time with Julian should you get him for your trip.

  • Roy Marshall
    Roy Marshall Chief Operations Officer

    Roy retired from the IM group a few years ago as a senior commercial director and now holds the administration of FSM together. When you ring to book your slot, you may well get Roy on the phone. He’s a great guy to deal with. His son, Matt, now flies for a well known budget airline and instructs on all 3 simulators.

  • Andrew Rudge
    Andrew Rudge

    Andy is our technical whizz kid. He fixes the machines when they have a hiccup and as a result, our serviceability is now nearly 100%. We are expecting to build some new simuators this year for new franchisees of FSM and Andy will be in the forefront of that programme. You may also get Andy on the phone when you ring to book or even as an instructor on the A320 where he has achieved many 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor.. We don’t let him twiddle his thumbs!


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